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Every day the cost of technology falls in price and increases our options to leverage it. If you’re starting a new business, received funding, are an online or web based company, how are you currently hosting your application and backing up your data? Normally the answer is “In House” or “It’s being hosted.” When you look at the ROI on these methods, especially in house, how much are you spending to make sure the servers, data, service level and speed are consistent and reliable? There are normally several factors that one must consider when hosting internally.

  • Dedicated space for Servers and Equipment
  • Proper Electricity and Battery Backup for IT and Telecom equipment
  • Proper Cooling and Monitoring Devices for environment
  • Physical and Electronic Security
  • Several layers of Internet Redundancy
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Amount of Support Personnel to Maintain Systems
  • 24×7 Remote Hands and Onsite Assistance

An option overlooked is the robust offering of a collocation or data center facility. These buildings are designed to house and offer an up time solution that simply cannot compare to an In-house solution.
Calculate your downtime due to electrical outages, Improper cooling, faulty T1’s or internet lines, failed backups/restores/ physical access and liability, overheated/thermal failures of equipment shortening running life.

Does your data center looks like this ??
No two companies’ data center needs are the same. Whether your primary concern is a tight schedule or a custom-built facility, Reyada technologies offers a data center solution to suit your needs. Our suite of data center solutions includes everything from move-in-ready spaces with configurable power and mechanical systems to state-of-the-art data centers customized to your last specification—all from a single provider.



Reyada technologies Services provide you with access to our next-generation modular design and engineering guidelines, which have been used to build 10’s of data centers kingdom-wide.Our certified and market-tested data center design expertise and proprietary relationships with leading component manufacturers and contractors make it possible for you to deploy a state-of-the-art, reliable, and cost-effective data center in a facility that you already own.

You can be confident that your new data center will provide the uptime you need in order to support your business’ mission-critical applications. The processes and procedures that Reyada Technologies relies upon to support our next-generation and green data centers have delivered a year-over-year record of 99.999% uptime



Reyada technologies’ Colocation Services program offers flexibility backed by the capacity, reliability, commitment to customer service, and expertise of a global data center expert. Our modular rack design allows for scalability from a single rack to a multi-rack system to a private cage.We deliver data center options that are customized and can be modified as your business continues to evolve.


As part of our Colocation Services program, we install high density cabinets that are equipped with aisle containment systems that segregate the cold air feed and hot air return in order to optimize the operating environment, while maximizing energy and cost efficiencies.


Onsite customer service is available to provide onsite support to handle routine and even not so routine tasks. You can submit service requests over the phone, via email or by using our customer portal.



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