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IT outsourcing
isn�t a �one size fits all� approach. It is all about understanding different businesses and filling the gaps with effective resources and operations. Read more about our partnership approach to IT outsourcing.

Total IT Outsourcing
A complete IT function designed and built for your organization, from the front-line person on the end of the telephone right through to a board-level CIO. You retain complete control but benefit from informed, experienced and capable experts who are focused on keeping your IT operations efficient and aligned to your business goals.

Interim IT Outsourcing
If you require specific assistance to support your business going through change, or if you just need a short-term resource then we can assist. Perhaps you are undertaking an acquisition, merger or global expansion and need additional resources and/or expertise. Or perhaps you are in-between IT managers or missing some critical resources. Whatever your requirements, we can certainly build an interim service to assist.

Management Outsourcing
You can hand over all or part of your IT management to a RTECH IT management consultant or team. With this approach, you'll benefit from a vast wealth of experience on demand. We can implement management frameworks, develop your internal teams, improve your efficiency, align your business strategy to an IT roadmap, and more. We can also do it faster than anyone else.

Tailored IT Outsourcing
If you have a specific requirement that needs IT resource and expertise then please do speak to us. Our experience is vast and we are happy to explore your requirements without any obligation or charge. We are positive that you'd gain value from this exercise, even from an initial discussion.


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