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We specialize in the design, deployment, customization, management, and optimization of information technology solutions that transforms information technology into a strategic business asset. Our proven service delivery approach enables us to tailor solutions that meet your business needs while mitigating project risk to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery. As a result, you achieve long-term benefits, such as the ability to focus on you core business, increased employee productivity, improved corporate efficiency and faster execution of new initiatives. From on-premises to cloud solutions, we create a less complicated, more agile IT platform that supercharges your business operations.

• Cloud Computing
Unified Communications
Identify and Security
Customer Relationship Management

• Messaging
Systems Management
Server Platform
Mobility and Remote Workforce
Network and Storage

• Cloud Computing
Having a strong technology strategy is critical to your company, but the pace of change is often difficult to keep up with. New Signature advises many of our clients on strategic directions and high-level consulting to ensure that they marry their business goals with their IT capabilities.

• Messaging
It’s the bread and butter of our business: we keep your technology systems running smoothly so that you can focus on your work, rather than the technology underpinning it. Our industry best practices ensure that instead of wasting time putting out fires, we implement platforms that are self-healing, highly available and transparent to your staff.

• Unified Communications
Even the smallest network needs to have robust network security practices. From best-in-breed security designs to reactive intrusion detection, New Signature works to shrink the scope of vulnerabilities, the size of risks, and the necessity for
clean-up through our industry best practices. Call us to help separate the hype from the reality in the security world.

• Systems Management
Keeping your business running, through power outages, snowstorms and floods is New Signature’s top priority. We’ve architected numerous highly available solutions to keep things running even when the worst happens. Our business continuity focus will also provide a concrete timeline for recovery steps when risks can’t be mitigated.

• Virtualization
New Signature uses virtualization technologies including VMware, Microsoft and Citrix to achieve substantial benefits for our clients, including increased redundancy and decrease energy consumption. Microsoft recently recognized our expertise when New Signature earned the charter Microsoft Partner Virtualization Competency.

• Server Platform
Finding qualified staff is hard enough, but getting good IT personnel is doubly difficult. Rely upon New Signature to provide timely additions to your staff when you need additional IT-savvy personnel. From helpdesk overflow, to supplemental expertise, or to short-term staffing New Signature has the expertise and capacity to assist you.

• Desktop
Workers (and managers) expect more from Todays IT solutions, whether on the road, working from home or even internationally. New Signature has the deep technical expertise to architect robust remote workforce solutions, allowing you to keep working from wherever you are.

• Mobility and Remote Workforce
The last two decades have seen a revolution in telephony: old proprietary systems are being abandoned for open platforms that mix great prices with increasingly advanced features. New Signature can evaluate your current network and make a recommendation that may save money and add new capabilities while increasing your reliability and ease of use.

• Identify and Security
Our cloud computing practice has been working with multiple providers (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Iron Mountain) to architect hosted platforms for servers, desktops, backups and email. We use industry best practices to provide highly-available solutions that scale when demand increases, and are geographically positioned to keep working 24/7, even when your primary site experiences a failure.

• Network and Storage
New Signature deploys processes, best practices, cloud services, and technology to your firm for a flat or near-fixed monthly fee. We don’t simply “manage” your information technology, we transform it to help you increase staff productivity and collaboration, achieve robust business continuity, gain enterprise-class security, and acquire agility and scalability.

• Customer Relationship Management
New Signature tailors Constituent Relationship Management platforms to meet our clients’ unique needs. Services we provide include platform customization, data synchronization, website integration, email marketing, e-commerce integration, campaigns, and alerts, and custom reporting. Among others we support Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Convio, ActionKit, Salesforce, Salsa, Blackbaud, iMIS, and CiviCRM.

• Database
Your organization’s data is its lifeblood and New Signature can work to keep it flowing. We provide process-driven consulting services for database assessments, upgrades and migrations, business intelligence, and custom development projects.

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