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REYADA Systems Integration helps clients to solve business challenges, accelerate business innovation and create opportunities to drive high performance.

We work with our clients to understand their goals and we have a clear vision of how to seamlessly integrate an accelerated solution to help meet those goals.

REYADA offers systems integration solutions and services for custom applications, service oriented architecture (SOA) projects, application development, and system testing and validation. Work with Reyada to get stronger business results, respond more rapidly to market changes, and transform both business and IT services. Discover how Reyada systems integration solutions can help you:

At REYADA we take up turn-key System Integration projects which involves designing the right network for the customer, providing the correct media type to the customer, selecting and procuring the right network equipment and software for integration purposes for the customer, testing and deploying the selected equipments and software to the customer sites and ensuring that these work smoothly always for years to come once they have been deployed at the respective customer sites. Our System Integration Projects include integrating complex data, voice and/or video inputs for our end customers.


1) Prepare

• Get the Precise Requirements from the Customer
• Analyze Requirements received from the Customer
• Identify Network, Solutions Applications And Services
• Define The Organizational Goals
• Define The Possible Organizational Constraints

2) Plan

• Define The Technical Goals
• Define The Possible Technical Constraints
• Compare the Existing Network with the Proposed Network
• Identify the Network ,Solution Requirements
• Assess the Required Network ,Solution and Perform a Gap Analysis
• List and Plan for the Resources required To Implement the Design
• Finalize Requirement & let Customer Approve Requirement

3) Design

• Design Network & Solution Diagram, Checklist & Project Proposal
• Send Network ,solution Diagram to Customer for Review
• Let Customer Approve Network Diagram, Checklist & Proposal
• Get Formal Order from Customer
• Order Network Components & other miscellaneous Equipments required for the Project

4) Implement

• Integrate Equipment into The Existing Network ,Solution (Without Disrupting The Existing Network)
• Test Solution At Customer Site
• Implement Solution in Production Environment

5) Integrate

Depending on the knowledge of the different vendors technologies
and interoperability Reyada has the ability more than any other
Business partners in the market to integrate different vendor equipment
Together. By having a healthy channels of communication with
The biggest vendors in the market Reyada can assure taking all
the risks of the operation of multivendor environments and implementing
the integration between the multiple equipment.

6) Operate

• Let the customer operate the new Network independent of Reyada Intervention

7) Automate

Automation is a magic word to eliminate the human mistakes and increase the availability of the systems and ensure the right procedure is running at the right time.
Automation is not an easy or narrow field but it is a very important and complicated task, which needs a lot of skills and knowledge about the environment, OS and programming tools available in the environment. Automation is not just righting a script or running a procedure at a certain time but it needs a lot on intelligence inside the script that detect the working environment which is changing and might be different than the time of the creation of the script which will require frequent maintenance to adapt with changes but intelligent scripts will decrease the time and efforts to maintain them and ensure fail safe technique for the scripts “not to harm the environment if things are not as expected”
Reyada has a very deep knowledge and experience that is over 19 years of automating different environments.

8) Optimize

• Monitor Network ,Solution For Any Fault
• Optimize Network & Solution for Optimum Performance
• Provide required After Sales & Customer Support to Customer
Take Continuous Feedback From Customer for possibility of any improvements

9) Protect

Data is very important and is the real treasure for most of the companies in all the different industries as it is the backbone of the business enabling the senior management from taking the right business decisions and ensures the company stays healthy and profitable. Though protecting this precious resource if not the most precious with in the company is a mandatory task especially nowadays a lot of hazards are threatening the data of the company starting from Natural disasters passing through human mistakes “specially with the lack of skills in the market” ending by the instability of the political situation in the region.
Reyada team has long years of experience in designing and implementing Data protection plans and disaster recovery sites. We can help you protecting your business by using the suitable method to the value of the business itself.

Unique Selling Points of our Systems Integration Solution are as follows :
• Reduced steps in business processes.
• Less time taken to process any application or record.
• Decrease in the number of errors produced or generated by the system as a whole.
• Reduced number of hours of IT Personnel involvement since the integrated System is designed in such a way that it can run smoothly on its own and is intelligent - enough to recover on its own in case of failures.
• Reduction in the maintenance cost, resources and time required by any organization.
• Better, Faster and Reliable communication within the organization and between the organization and external parties.
• Improved Data Accessibility, Accuracy and Reliability.
• Improved working procedures within the Organization.
• One-Stop Service from Reyada for the end customer.
• More satisfied end users of the System.


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