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Expect Superior System Support Across Your Enterprise, RTECH Spectrum support program lets you pick-and-choose the services that best meet your organization specific requirements. After all, no one knows your service needs better than you do. And no one knows how to meet them better than we do.


A truly innovative concept for support programs, RTECH Spectrum lets you choose the service levels that are best suited to your organization´┐Żs needs from mission-critical support to assistance with self-support and everything in between. You can even determine the response time you need at the time you need it, because you are no longer forced to predict future requirements from the outset of your contract. If a problem occurs, you decide whether it is urgent, serious, or non-critical. We respond based on your own priority rating.

All service levels include instant, 24-hour access to our knowledge database of technical solutions that empowers users and boosts productivity. And whichever level you choose, it comes with the open systems expertise that only RTECH Service Department can provide.

One Fee for Everything
Remarkably, a single fee covers support for an entire system, including all related hardware and peripherals, operating system software, and implementations. No longer will you find that you can not get help for an urgent software problem because you signed up for hardware-only support. RTECH Spectrum solves your problem, whatever it is. With its streamlined pricing and ordering policies, RTECH Spectrum significantly reduces both the time spent on contract administration and the costs of ongoing services. So within the complex world of computing, you get flexible, high-value enterprise supports services that are easy to understand and simple to use.

Warranty Services for High-Availability Systems
Engineered to serve your mission-critical needs, all systems come with a complete one-year warranty program. And the warranty program comes with something no other company can match: RTECH expertise in Solutions,IT,Comunications and networking systems. Going beyond traditional service and support, our high-availability warranty program includes a customized installation and configuration plan, and a dedicated RTECH Service technical consultant who will integrate system planning and installation with all other parties. And because you probably want to continue sleeping well for more than a year, you can extend this premium level of support for as long as you like.

Support the Way You Want It
To keep our system support services tuned to your needs, we continually solicit input from our customers. From large-scale surveys to focus groups, we listen to what you say and respond with support the way you want it. Applying our expertise to your specific needs makes our support relationship with you the best it can be, helping you to make the most of your technology needs.

Reduced risk, peace of mind
As a result of our services, your organization will dramatically reduce its network security exposure. Your management will better understand the importance of defining and enacting proper security measures. Your staff will be able to implement and change security policies and services quickly and easily without reprogramming or redesigning the network to enable new Internet/intranet services.

Best of all, you will achieve the peace of mind that comes from having a proven, powerful, effective security solution in place.

We provide a complete array of services to complement Security Services in other areas, such as IT consulting, Systems Integration, Internet/intranet consulting, Enterprise Systems and Network Management.

From planning to implementation and on going support, RTECH Services meets all your service requirements with superior quality and value.


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