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Smart Network Fax for Smart Businesses


Yet another quality product of, Fax servers are complete, highly economical, easy- to-use network fax servers. Fax Servers are designed for smart Businesses that require flexibility and system-wide control over fax communications. Fax Servers are ideal for small to mid-sized businesses or organizations. Fax servers come with all the necessary hardware and software allowing network users to send and receive faxes from the desktop or browser.

How it Works?

Fax is an automated fax solution that connects to PSTN lines (Public Switch Telephone Network). All Fax devices are powered with a Web-based Software interface to enable admin user to fully manage each device. All Fax servers are programmed to allow users to receive faxes directly to their email inbox or even directly to the printer. The internal system for Fax provides distributed faxing capabilities, over LAN or WAN, from a corporate office to small remote offices as well as to on-the-road sales people.

Fax “S” series offers V.34/33.6K Super G3 fax and JBIG fax compression which reduces fax transmission time by more than half when compared to traditional fax modems. The result is faster fax transmissions and significant cost savings, over time.

With amazing Feature:

- Automated Fax delivering / Inbound Fax routing
- Send and Receive Fax
- Allows you to send and receive via your handheld or mobile
- Fax Queue
- Schedule Faxes
- Fax Broadcast
- Fax Resend
- Print 2 Fax
- Fax 2 Print
- Inbound Fax routing
- Internal transfer
- Fax line status
- Fax 2 mail ( PDF or TIFF)
- Email 2 fax
- Fax 2 folder
- Address book
- System log’s for fax send ,received ,distributed internal an log in
- Caller ID and CSID
- Remote Fax Sending


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